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A 30 Minute Cleaning Session Checklist

Published by SEO on December 29, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration 30 Minute Cleaning Central MarylandCleaning the house regularly may seem like a daunting task, but there is no doubt that it is essential to maintain a good quality of life. Contrary to popular opinion, cleaning a house regularly takes lesser time than cleaning it once in a while.

When you clean your home regularly, dirt doesn’t add up, and microbes don’t turn it into their home either. Regular but quick home cleaning also requires less effort than thorough but irregular cleaning. Above all, you can quickly become automated at a quick home cleaning session by following a cleaning routine. 

For your ease, we have formed an easy six-step home cleaning checklist that will ensure your home always looks clean! Let’s take a look: 

Clear and Put Away

Throughout the day, things from all over the house can end up in opposite corners. Coffee mugs and plates can pile up on the dining table, coffee table, and end tables, makeup and perfumes can end up by the entry console, and so on. Organizing and putting away these little things can easily distract you from cleaning the surfaces. Therefore, as a step on your quick home cleaning checklist, you can stay focused on clearing the surfaces rather than cleaning them.

Don’t feel distracted by the dusty surfaces around the house. Just take away things that don’t belong in a room and dump them in their designated rooms. Dump it on the floor or in the nearby trash can if you find trash. Similarly, put away dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Dust and Wipe

Dust where necessary and wipe everything with a clean washcloth to make it shine as new! Don’t spare any objects placed on surfaces. Since you would have already placed things where they belong, it won’t take long for you to pick them up, wipe the surface under them, and then wipe them clean before placing them on their designated spots.

Clear the Floor

Vacuuming the floor will become a lengthy task if you have to pick up things from their way constantly. Therefore, as the second step of your cleaning checklist, you should clean the floor of anything that doesn’t belong on it. Pick up clothes, shoes, socks, bags, or anything else placed on it in laziness or hurry

Automate Tasks

It is the optimal time to automate tasks on your cleaning checklist. Turn on your dishwasher and washing machine. If you have an automatic vacuum, let it roam around and clean the cleared floor area. If you don’t have an automatic vacuum, it won’t take you long to vacuum over an already cleared floor.  

Fluff or Throw or Put Away (Again)

Take out the trash from all around your home at this point. As the automated tasks get done, you can utilize this time to organize the remaining little things. Wipe and put away the dishes in the cabinet as soon as they are done. 

Take the clothes from the laundry that you did yesterday and fold them to use this time. If you are fast at folding clothes, you can also make time to put all the clothes in the dressers. Make the beds and fluff the pillows on them. 

Fluff and arrange the cushions in the living room too. In the dining room, make sure all the chairs are arranged neatly. Put away groceries in the fridge or kitchen cabinets and ensure that everything in your home is where it belongs by the end of this step. 


A clean home is more than an organized home. Even if everything in your home is where it belongs and there is no visible dust, trash, or dirty dishes, your home won’t feel clean until you refresh it.

Refreshing the home is about making it look inviting and picture-perfect. Don’t worry! It doesn’t take as long as you may think. It can fit in anyone’s 30 minutes quick home cleaning checklist

All you have to do to refresh your home is to take care of things that no one would notice or the things that people will ignore even if they notice. For example, wipe the coffee table and dining table with a polish spray to remove rings from it. Wipe the mirrors clean with a special mirror cleaner. Mirror cleaners also work well for marble countertops. 

You can use it to wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters to make them extra shiny. Spray a room mist or light a scented candle to create an inviting ambiance to your home. Change the flowers in the flower vase or change the water in the mini fishbowl. However, remember that these things aren’t necessary. They are only extra steps to help you make your home extra clean for longer. 


Having a quick home cleaning checklist can do more for your home in the long run. A quick cleaning checklist allows you to notice your home every day and catch anything that may be wrong as soon as it goes wrong. If you ever notice any water leakage or mold growth in your home, don’t hesitate to call a professional restoration service right away. 

Many restoration services, such as the 911 Restoration of Central Maryland, provide complete mold removal and water damage restoration to personal and commercial properties.

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