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Retrofitting Your Vacuum To Clean Wet Rugs & Prevent Water Damage

Published by SEO on November 15, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Water Damage Central MarylandCentral Maryland residents are no stranger to thunderstorms and flash floods that usually result in water damage in the form of leaky roofs, burst pipes, and sewage backup. However, if the damage doesn’t exceed rainwater-soaked carpets and rugs, consider yourself fortunate. However, you’ll still have to act quickly before the damage turns permanent due to mold growth or contamination as unsanitary water contains pathogens and fungi that can cause health problems and incur high replacement costs.

One smart way to prevent water damage is learning how to turn your vacuum into a water pump to clean wet rugs and carpets. This can either help prevent damage or contain it while the home restoration team in Central Maryland arrives on your property to repair the issues.

In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about retrofitting your vacuum to clean wet rugs and carpets.

How Wet Rugs and Carpets can Affect Your Health

If your rug or carpet is wet following a storm, sewage backup, or burst pipe, you may be putting your family in danger by not calling a water damage repair service in Central Maryland right away. Even if you allow it to dry, it will remain a health and safety hazard on your property. Here’s how:

1.    Damp Carpets Encourage Mold Growth

Mold thrives in wet and humid conditions and can produce mycotoxins that cause serious health problems, such as allergies, coughs, rashes, and respiratory inspections. Moreover, the mold doesn’t dissipate once the rug or carpet is dry. Instead, it continues to feed off it and spread, contaminating everything in its path.

2.    Electrical Issues and Fires

Rugs or carpets near outlets and home appliances are a safety hazard as they can lead to electrocution, which can be life-threatening. They can also cause dangerous residential fires when wires are exposed to water which is an excellent conductor.

3.    Bad Odor

Depending on the type of water (clean, gray, or black) your rug has been soaked in, it can make your property stink, especially if you don’t act quickly. This not only makes people uncomfortable but can also lead to concentration problems, fatigue, headaches, and migraines.

How to Turn Your Vacuum into a Water Pump to Clean Wet Rugs & Prevent Water Damage

Many commercial vacuum pumps can be retrofitted into a water pump. However, this should only be done in case of emergencies while you’re waiting for a restoration or response team. All you have to do is attach a garden hose to your vacuum’s side port and pump the water to another location, eg. Toilet. However, if you don’t see a side port, you can fill the vac’s canister until it fills up although this might clog the filter if there’s debris in the rug. Low-quality vacuums might be unfit for this task as they might start leaking during the transport or malfunction.

Here’s how to clean wet rugs with a retrofitted wet vacuum and prevent water damage:

1.    Prepare the Room

The first thing you need to do when you have a wet rug or carpet is to clear the area. This involves moving furniture, appliances, and anything in the vicinity so you can work with ease and reach all the wet areas.

2.    Soak as Much Water as Possible and Let it Dry

Using the retrofitted vacuum, soak up as much water as possible and let it dry. However, your job doesn’t end here as your carpet will still be full of pathogens and toxins depending on the type of unsanitary water.

3.    Apply Carpet Cleaner And Scrub Off Dust and Dirt Particles

Once the rug is dry, apply a rug/carpet cleaner after mixing it in water and scrub every inch of it evenly to remove dust and dirt particles. Don’t forget to read the instructions on the cleaner before applying to ensure you add the appropriate amount and that the cleaner is suitable for your rug’s material.

4.    Clean Again Using the Wet Vac and Let it Dry

Once you’ve scrubbed the rug, use the wet vacuum again and soak as much liquid as possible and let it dry. You can turn on the fan and open the windows to speed up the process.

Expert Home Restoration Services – 911 Restoration of Central Maryland

At 911 Restoration of Central Maryland, we aim to help educate our clients and readers about different ways to prevent and minimize water damage on their properties. However, we recommend you leave extensive damage repair and cleaning jobs to professionals who have the expertise, equipment, and cleaning solutions to salvage wet rugs and carpets and ensure that they’re spotless and 100% germ-free. Our team is available 24/7 and just a phone call away so you can rest assured that we can get your rugs, carpets, furniture, and structure to their pre-damage condition quickly.

Feel free to call us for more information regarding our water damage repair and cleaning services.

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