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The Risk of Fire During Rains

Published by SEO on January 11, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Central MarylandWhile water usually puts out a fire, the opposite can also happen. Sporadic rains, especially in otherwise dry weather, can increase fire risk. While there usually isn’t a high fire risk during rain, fire risk can increase shortly before or after a rain. Furthermore, heavy rainfall with strong winds can also increase fire risk. 

If your local weather channel has predicted rainfall during a dry spell or a heavy rainfall during the monsoon, it will benefit you to consider ensuring some safety measures. Let’s see how you can ensure your and your family’s safety from fire risk during rain:

Clear Your Home’s Exterior of Flammables

Your backyard and front yard can contain various flammable objects at any given moment. You can also have a fuel storage shed with dry wood for use in fireplaces on the exterior of your house. While you may have already planned to clean all these objects from your yard to ensure their safety, this measure can also ensure safety for yourself and your family. 

Bring all dry wood inside and clear your yard of any objects that pose a fire risk. If you have sufficient time, run a lawnmower all over your yard. Mowing your lawn before it rains can help keep your lawn cleaner. It would also reduce the amount of any dead and dry grass, decreasing the fire risk

Examine and Seal the Exterior of Your Home

Exposed electrical wires on the exterior of your home can increase the fire risk during rain. However, you can easily avoid any fire-related accidents during rain by examining the exterior of your home in time. 

If there isn’t enough time to restore exposed electrical wires properly, you can cover them with heavy-duty plastic to avoid them from malfunctioning or starting a fire. Once the rain subsides, you can restore the exterior of your home, so the electric wires stay tucked inside the walls. 

Shut All Windows and Doors from the Inside

Sealing and shutting the windows and doors of your home will reduce the chances of rainwater entering your home. Loose electrical wires inside the home can also pose high chances of fire risk during rain as the exposed electrical wires on the house’s exterior.

Electric cables such as chargers, adapters, or extension wires can start a fire if wet. Since such electric cables are always placed all over the house, they are likely to be placed near an open window or vent during rain. Before the rain, collect all loose electric cables and store them in a dedicated drawer. 

Move Electric Appliances Placed Near Windows 

Similar to loose electric cables, electric appliances can also be placed near the windows and vents. If there is a forecast of heavy rainfall in your town, you can move any electric appliances near the windows or vents in your home. Moving the electrical appliances creates a gap between the appliances and the window and wall, protecting the electrical appliance from seeping water from the walls and windows. 

Unplug Electrical Appliances

Unplugging electrical appliances that you don’t intend on using during the rainfall can greatly reduce the fire risk at your home. Switch off the electrical switches for lamps, lights, fans, microwave, dishwasher, or any other such appliances around your home. Try to keep your family huddled in one room, so there’s minimum power usage in your home during the rain. 

Don’t Light a Fire Unnecessarily

If your life doesn’t depend on it, avoid lighting a fire on a stove or a fireplace in your home. An existing fire in your home can greatly escalate another spark, leading to an increase in fire risk during rain. If you can schedule it, keep meals for yourself and your family ready. You can reheat the food in a microwave if required. 

Consider Going Off-Grid for the Duration of Rain

 If your home is too close to a power grid, consider going off-grid for the duration of the rain. Lightening that accompanies heavy rainfall usually strikes power grids which can accelerate the spread of fire. 

You can prepare for an off-grid experience by charging all rechargeable devices required in advance and keeping flashlights handy. In fact, using a fireplace becomes much safer in an off-the-grid home. You can utilize the fireplace to keep yourself and your family warm. 

Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy

Last but not least, keeping extinguishers handy is essential for ensuring your family and your home’s safety. An easy-to-reach fire extinguisher can help you quickly put out a fire and save your family members and your home from a severe disaster. Before the rain starts, make sure all family members know how to use a fire extinguisher for ensuring increased safety. 


If your home catches fire during rain despite all preventative measures, prioritize saving lives over material objects and call for emergency help. Once the fire has died, call a restoration company for effective fire damage and smoke damage mitigation.

Many restoration services in Central Maryland, such as the 911 Restoration of Central Maryland, provide complete fire and smoke damage restoration services for personal and commercial properties.

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