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Drying Wet Carpet In The Basement – Guide

Published by 911 Restoration Central Maryland on January 31, 2023 in category: Home Improvement

Are you finding wet carpet in your basement? Is it getting wet from the rain? Are your basement carpeting and rugs damaged from water? Water damage can be done to carpeting if it is not dried quickly. The padding can become brittle and moldy in a matter hours. If your basement carpet is flooding, this is what you should do. We also talk about drying basement carpets that have gotten wet.

How To Dry Wet Carpet in Your Basement
Take precautions before drying basement carpet from damage. Before you go down, turn off the electricity if there is water near an electrical outlet. Wear long sleeves, waterproof boots, and rubber gloves. Safety glasses are recommended. If the water comes from outside, you should wear safety glasses and a mask. If you feel the task is too daunting, call 911 restoration of Central Maryland to discuss your water damage restoration requirements.

How To Dry Wet Carpet In The Basement

  1. Get Rid of the Water
: If there are more than 2 inches of water in the room or the level is still rising, pumps can be used to drain it. Drain the room after the majority of the water has been removed. This will speed up drying. You can move heavy furniture or other items to another room. They can be wiped with towels, then dried on a tarp. To remove any water remaining on your carpeting, dry-dry it with a vacuum. You should push the vacuum’s nozzle over each section of carpet multiple times. Basement carpeting should be dried as quickly as possible. If carpet bubbles up when you press it down, it is still too moist.
  2. Carpet for Basements that Have Been Dry-Flooded: 
The best way to dry your basement carpeting is with high-velocity fans and structural drying dehumidifiers. Avoid household fans and dehumidifiers. Drying can take longer, and drying time can be extended or reduced. Use boxes or crates to lift wet carpeting from subfloor.
  3. Get the Carpet Padding
: Most carpet padding needs to be replaced. Carpet padding is usually made from pressed foam that can be easily ripped apart when it becomes wet. You can purchase replacement padding for as low as 30C/ to 60C/ square feet. Don’t lift carpet padding before drying. It is more likely to crack. Place the carpet padding on the subfloor to speed up drying. To increase airflow, angle the fans.
  4. Make sure to clean the subfloor and not to disinfect: 
After drying your basement carpeting from water damages, clean and disinfect it. This will help prevent the growth of odors, kill germs and mould, as well as keep your basement carpeting clean. Use warm water and soap to clean the floor. After spraying bleach on the floor, let it air dry before installing the padding.
  5. Re-seal your Basement Carpeting
: Once the bleach has dried you can place the new carpet pad on top of the subfloor. Then, replace the basement carpeting. Lay the carpet pad on the subfloor. Then, attach the carpet to the subfloor using a mallet/hammer. A knee kicker can be used to stretch the carpet.
  6. Carpets should be cleaned:
 Steam clean your carpeting to remove stains and odors. This will restore carpet pile and prolong its life.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Flooded Carpets in Basements?

If you have the right equipment, your basement can be dried in 12-24 hours. Large basements will take longer to dry. It will take three to five times longer to dry large basements if fans are constantly on or your carpet is not lifted. Mold can grow in as short as one day, so it is crucial to act quickly.

Need Help Drying Wet Carpet

Do you need assistance drying your basement carpet? Call now to schedule a free inspection of your basement for water damages restoration and repairs.

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